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BeFriend Me — An Immersive Social Media Community Platform

BeFriend Me offers promotion for businesses and multiple VR rooms at all of your everyday devices for said businesses, families, friends and potential friends.

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Unlike anything you've ever experienced

Befriend Me is different from other competitors because its basis is founded on reducing social anxiety, often experienced through the lack of healthy interactions with families, friends, coworkers and colleagues. It also offers a huge platform for businesses to be exposed to potential customers.

Next-generation Social Media Community Platform

Befriend Me will help to put an end to social anxiety by creating bridges of connection to one another; providing hope to families, and stabilities of communication for any gathering--work related, or social. With Befriend Me, businesses can reach the world and experience a new horizon regarding consistent and professional communication.

Expand Business As An Entrepreneur

For $10 per month, businesses can save on promotions since BeFriend Me allows you to promote your business using business promotions feature. Befriend Me will also allow opportunities for businesses to attract new customers from all over the world without the hassle of worrying how to promote.

Support Local Businesses

Befriend Me will provide members with promotions from local businesses that may even apply internationally.

Host Gatherings

Host group video calls allowing you the option to share movies through a live-streamed option, video group karaoke, and engage in other activities like games, food services and other entertainment to make gatherings the most enjoyable shared moments with your loved ones.

Ensure Engagement

Participating through different rooms will ensure one of the crucial aspect of building and maintaining strong, connected communities, both online and offline.

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Key Features

Personal Profile

We have been working continously on the functionalities of this app to ensure our users have the greatest quality virtual experience we can offer. Our members deserve nothing less. Now that we are expanding the functions inside of BeFriend Me, we would like you to download the app and sign up as a user. Once we've gained enough users who've signed up, we'll be able to provide users access to more functions of the BeFriend Me. The more users, the more fun for everyone. Join us on our sign up quest to assure BeFriend Me becomes everyone's favorite "family" friendly app.

Business Profile

Do you need advertising? Would you like the option of gaining more consumers without needed all the likes and followings? We see you. Creating a Business Me Account for your business allows others to see you as well. As a business, signing up to BeFriend Me for only $10.00 dollars monthly, gives you unlimited advertising on the home page, access to so many of our great business tools, and lists you on our business map for our users to see you as well. Join Business Me today. We know you do great business, but with our help you can do better business.

Different Rooms

We offer multiple VR rooms for you to enjoy from our one and only congregational hall to our business meeting room. The rooms only get better as you party in our virtual party room where you can hire any DJ from around the world to host and DJ your party. But what about our karaoke or our Game room, Book room, Fitness room, Family room, cyrpto room and so many more rooms. These app has no limits as we build your virtual dreams.

1st Virtual Movie Theater

Enjoy second chance releases premiered by your favorite film production companies for free. BeFriend Me allows you to watch movies alone or invite other users. Watching movies with family and friends has became a lot more convenient. Like to talk through movies? Use the audio feature which will allow everyone to speak openly. Would you like to talk with someone privately? Well, BeFriend Me respects your privacy. We offer private audio conversations as well. Watch out for new premiered movies for a fee. BeFriend Me wants you to have more varieties of movie selections, providing more entertainment for our BeFriend Me users!

BeFriend Me Games

BeFriend Me Games is the new generation gaming hub that brings a wide array of exciting games straight to your smart devices. State-of-the-art graphics and gameplay features are the highlights of these games while integration of AR and VR components are aimed towards enhancing your immersive gaming experience. BeFriend Me Games also allows independent game developers to submit and publish their approved games on a revenue sharing basis.

BeFriend Me Coupon Hunt

Shopping deals meet scavenger hunting – that’s what the BeFriend Me Coupon Hunt is all about! It enables the businesses to promote their products and/or services to the target end-customers in a fun and effective way. In contrast to regular digital promotion, Coupon Hunt increases customer engagement and likelihood of purchase.

BeFriend Me Congregational Hall

Never miss a church service with BeFriend Me Congregational Hall. It brings your church to your device. In addition to virtually attending the services and sermons, one can be connected to his/her church community, and even contribute as a volunteer. Also, the easy one-click donation feature makes it easy for both the church and its members to receive and give donations.

Be Friend Me Like

BeFriend Me Like is the new generation image and video content sharing platform. Users can easily make and share their video contents and edit them on the go using unique filters and sound effects. Sharing mage contents are even more exciting with our dynamic image editor that allows a user to select (or even design) foregrounds, add fun elements and effects.

Research & Development

BeFriend Me is engages in continuous R&D with the aim of providing an outstanding end-user product. Not only do we work tirelessly to add new and unique features to our app; we also work tirelessly to enhance the user experience (be it the software or the devices they use). We are presently developing a unique and state-of-the-art end-user device that will enable the users to experience the best performance of our platform from anywhere!

Unique Revenue Model

BeFriend Me is committed to provide all its services free of cost to the end-users. Our revenue generation model is based on a combination of charging a small monthly fee to the business users, revenue sharing on the sales made through our platform, and earnings from in-app advertisements. In addition, we are focusing on strategic branded product placements inside our games and even placing commercials as well. BeFriend Me also plans to generate revenue through sales of branded merchandise and its state-of-the-art user devices.

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