About Us

We are a group of passionate tech enthusiastic with a mission to make an impact to the society

Our Mission

Befriend Me is an app built to restore the economy, as well as the world around it. The vision of Befriend Me will help put an end to social anxiety by creating bridges of connection to one another; providing hope to families, and stabilities of communication for any gathering--work related, or social. With Befriend Me, businesses can reach the world and experience a new horizon regarding consistent and professional communication. The Befriend Me mission is to alleviate missed opportunities of casual interactions with family, while providing individuals with a chance to restore relationships, in any given capacity.

Why Choose Us

Befriend Me is different from other competitors because its basis is founded on reducing social anxiety, often experienced through the lack of healthy interactions with families, friends, coworkers and colleagues. It also offers a huge platform for businesses to be exposed to potential customers. Befriend Me focuses on the relationship aspect of communication as well as assisting brand businesses with a virtual platform and experience to promote the vision of their company, scout for potential customers/consumers and interact and engage with their partners, and other professionals.

What We Will Offer

Befriend Me allows you to be the best friend you can be without the social pressure and anxiety of being there in person. Befriend Me has a gaming room which allows families and friends to engage with each other in order to encourage family bonding. Befriend Me offers an algorithm that matches you with people all over the world who have the same values, and personality traits

Short Term Goals

The short term plan also includes being able to collaborate with gaming developers in order to enhance current games and create new games for the Befriend Me app. Bigger development teams will prioritize focus for the app, including features like the chat room.

Long Term Goals

The vision for the Befriend Me app is to become one of the biggest leading brands in the world, servicing populations through virtual spaces that offer promotion for businesses, as well as chat rooms for said businesses, families and friends to connect, reconnect, and restore healthy etiquette of communication.

Key Team Members

Ronald Cook, III

Founder & CEO
Ronald oversees the firm’s business operations including sales, marketing, business development, and communications. He is the spearhead!

Emmanuel Lewis

Board Member
Emmanuel brings extensive experience as a cultural icon and producer, which aids businesses in the entertainment industry and the formulation of tech strategy.

Khan R Salam

VP, Business Development
Khan is primarily focused on short and long-term business strategies. He also assists the CEO to making crucial business decisions.

Saruatul Hoque Pulak

Chief Technology Officer
Pulak leads Product Management and Design functions globally. He is responsible for the core products, features, and designs.

Angela Bowman

Vice President, Public Relation
Angela leads the engagement activities globally. She is responsible for the PR activities as well as relationships with different external stakeholders.

Carl Anderson

Legal Advisor
Carl is responsible for advising companies on a wide range of legal issues, including contracts, intellectual property, labor laws, and regulatory compliance.

Shapon Das

Team Lead, Gaming and AR
Shapon leads our game development wing. He also oversees the AR technology space of BFM's all applications.

Bipresh Das

Team Lead, Quality Assurance
Bipresh leads the quality assurance team, which does all the testing and quality checks. He is also part of the R&D team.

Gian Grent Galicia Maghanoy

Head, Hardware
Gian is the Head of Hardware and leads the hardware development and research initiatives.

Ashfaq Muhammad

Head Developer
Ashfaq is the Head Developer of BeFriend Me and leads the mobile app development team.

MD Moniruzzaman

Team Lead, 3D Animation
MD leads the 3D animation team of BeFriend Me.